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Achievable goals - Weekly Wellness Challenge

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Achieving a goal is a highly rewarding experience that brings with it a hand full of positive and useful side effects, such as a sense of accomplishment, increased self-esteem and self worth and the desire to grow and expand even more. It also produces a subtle, yet powerful inner affirmation: I can. The important point is, that unconsciously, all these positive emotions give us the power to be and to achieve more, and make other challenges suddenly seem less intimidating. If we can then harness, maintain and build up this momentum, we can truly achieve great things with seemingly little effort. On the other hand, failure never really tastes like cheesecake and coffee on a Sunday morning, and if we let our minds dwell on all those negative emotions, it can really drag us down. So, how does one move a mountain...? First, decide where you want to put it and what you really want it to look like in the end. Then, start with one stone at a time. The rest of the journey will unfold naturally, bringing with it its own rewards as we learn and grow and achieve.

This week's Wellness Challenge is to set only one (or at the most three) short-term goals that are so within reach that it will be easy to 'over achieve'. If , for example, you feel that would like to lose a bit of weight, say 12kg, then set a goal of losing 1kg over the next three weeks, or maybe just replacing one meal every second day with your favorite juice or smoothie. Maybe you want to develop a meditation practice. Start with two minutes every day and then push it up to twice a day. Exercise - start with walking 500 meters a day, or stretching for three minutes. Reading - 15 minutes a day. You may want to improve a relationship - try one gesture of appreciation or affection every day. Don't set goals that will be a burden. If you enjoy the effort, that's fine, but life is meant to be fun. You can do do amazing things and it's easier than you may think. Just begin. Good luck.

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