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Forgive - Weekly Wellness Challenge

Updated: Oct 27

I once saw a man who carried a heavy object that seemed worthless and purposeless everywhere he went. When I asked him what it was, he wasn't sure. When I asked him why he carried it around, he had no idea. When I asked if it didn't make him tired, he replied: "Extremely." When I asked: "Why don't you put it down?" He said: "I've never thought about that."

Sometimes people say or do things to us that are insensitive, unjustifiable or even really cruel, physically, emotionally or both. Sometimes we get hurt or abused in ways that would be unimaginable for one who has not experienced it. And sometimes we allow people into our lives that do not value or treasure that which is dear to us. The fact is, sometimes we get hurt and we get hurt by people. Some we have trusted, some we have loved and some just had no business interfering in our lives, but we are left with having to mend that which was broken deep inside. The question is: What now? The answer is: Let it go. It's not worth it. You are valuable and precious and have better things to do with your life than to carry a load that serves no purpose and does not contribute to your wellbeing.

Our focus here is not the negative effects of unforgiveness, but rather the liberation and freedom that can be ours when we do forgive. We should, however, consider the fact that unforgiveness can be detrimental to our health and wellbeing. It can manifest serious physical problems in the body, let alone emotional drainage and the jeopardizing of possible, positive future relationships. One of the most powerful lessons that I have learnt from my teacher is this: "Surrender any energy that doesn't serve you any longer."

For this week's wellness challenge, forgive one, a few or all the people who have hurt you. You are not a slave of the past and there is no reason why you cannot be free now. There are different ways to approach it, the easiest is - just let it go. Once and for all. That will be enough. Cry if you have to cry, laugh if you have to laugh. Don't curse or be angry at anyone. This is not between you and anyone else - this is only you. Just let it go.

We will make ourselves available free of charge, whenever we have time available, to anyone who needs to talk to someone or needs support in this area. Feel free to contact us via the contact form, email or Facebook to arrange a meeting.

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