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Don't resist - Weekly Wellness Challenge

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Most of us have probably heard that “what you resist persists”. Why is this so? Well, the answer to this lies in an understanding of our basic existence. Everything is energy, and energy focuses in certain areas to manifest certain experiences. Most of us have also probably heard that “energy flows where focus goes”, and that is exactly why many situations seem to persist in our lives. At some point we all experience conditions or situations that can be described as inconvenient, uncomfortable or maybe just plainly annoying. These situations can range from a noisy neighbor to a serious bodily illness, or a financial problem to an issue in a relationship. When we concentrate on the immediate situation and focus entirely on the inconvenience of the situation or the problem, we are actually channeling energy into the problem and only reinforce it. Focusing on a problem will not create a solution, but focusing on a solution is most likely to manifest one. Regardless of the apparent existence of any situation, the key is not to focus on the situation at hand, but instead, on another situation or condition that you would rather be experiencing. The same amount of energy that we are using anyway could very easily be channeled towards a more pleasant situation or condition. In some instances there are, of course, deeper energetic structures and belief systems involved, which will perpetuate certain conditions, but in most cases, simply shifting our focus from what we do not want to that which we want will have a pleasantly positive effect on your experience. So don't waste energy on something you have very little or no control over anyway, when the same amount of energy can be put to use quite productively when focused elsewhere.

For this week's Wellness challenge we are going to identify two (or more if you like) “ less than desirable'' situations in our immediate experience and release all attachment that we have to them. Approach this with a peaceful attitude, no fighting, no judgement and no resistance. Next, without forcing, clearly define the ideal circumstances that you would rather be experiencing and move all your attention, energy and focus to imagining what the new situation is actually like, and mentally just enjoy the ideal situation for a few moments. Now forget about it completely and carry on with your normal activities. Do not concern yourself with how this will happen, just relax. Remember, we are practicing to not resist, so all of this should be done effortlessly without putting up a fight. This method of letting go and not resisting what you do not want is very powerful and you will quickly experience results.

Should you be faced with more serious or severe problems, perhaps you should consider spending more time on imagining and emotionally experiencing the new, ideal conditions that you would rather see manifest in your life. If you feel that you need any support or assistance with, this please contact us and we would gladly help and advise where possible.

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