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Awareness - Weekly Wellness Challenge

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

We live in an infinite universe with infinite possibilities and infinite probabilities all existing simultaneously. Now, there are good reasons why we cannot be aware of too much at the same time, but what are we truly aware of when it is appropriate? Are we only aware of our own joy or suffering? Are we only aware of our own desires or, perhaps even worse, our own opinion? Are we only aware of the needs of others and neglecting ourselves? Are we only aware of destruction, or of beauty, of lack or of abundance? Are we only aware of our perception and perspective, or are we aware that another’s perception and perspective may be equally as valid? Are we aware of our own intrinsic value and infinite, eternal worth? Are we aware of the fact that all other souls are equally as worthy as we are and that we are all inseparably connected in a loving universe where all exist in a state of grace? Are we aware of how our actions may affect others? Are we aware of the masks we wear in different situations? Are we aware of the labels we have assigned to ourselves and the fact that we don’t need them, but that we can do and be whatever we have to whenever we have to? Are we aware that there is more good than evil in this world and that the Light is always shining?

For this week's Wellness Challenge we are going to become more aware. More aware of the consequences of our actions of our general attitude toward various aspects of life. Take a few moments and think of three things that you know are important, but were unaware of your interaction and attitude in these areas. Throughout your day, make a point to become deeply aware of all the dynamics surrounding each of these points or situations. Be honest with yourself and be willing to change when you are guided to do so.

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