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“When man violates man's laws, we send him to jail and

point the finger of scorn at him. When he violates nature's

laws, we send him to a hospital, give him flowers,

and feel sorry for him.”

B.J. Palmer

Just be Healthy

Being healthy is supposed to be easy. There are so many things we can do to be healthier or to experience an enhanced state of well-being that it is practically impossible to do, eat, or drink everything that is good for you in a normal day. Being aware of a few different aspects of health will help steer us in the right direction as we effortlessly grow toward a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, but just changing our attitude is good place to start. So, let's focus on a few simple practices that are easy to implement and yet can have a profound impact on our health.

Remember, living healthy and being healthy is a life-long journey and the first step can be as easy as a thought.

Take your shoes off.

Grounding (or Earthing) has a tremendously positive effect on the body. The Earth is energetically charged and when we naturally connect with the Earth, the electrons on the Earth's surface can flow freely through the body, eliminating free radicals and reducing inflammation. Grounding has many benefits, from better sleep to reduced pain and over all improved well-being.

If it's not practical be barefoot outside just run an earthing cable into the house and touch it or connect it to your body. A well-researched paper on Earthing can be found here and there is lots of information on YouTube.

pH Balance > 7

Keep your body alkaline, that is, with a pH balance greater than 7. Most diseases, including cancer, thrive in an acidic environment (pH below 7), so we should really be conscientious about keeping our bodies' pH level alkaline.

1) One table spoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water up to three times a day and the first one preferably on an empty stomach. (You may want to use a straw to protect your teeth.)

2) Cut out sugar. It is a major cause of many serious illnesses and abundantly creates acid in the body.

Abstract Water
Water Fountain

H2O - Drink it!

Our bodies are 75% water and need water for proper maintenance and to wash out toxins. Merely drinking more water can produce many notable benefits, including improved memory or mood, fewer or less severe headaches, assistance with weight maintenance and reduced risk of kidney stones or bladder infections. 

How much is enough? 1 liter per 22 kg. of body mass per day - Excluding any other forms of liquid that we may consume. - Water only.

Eat for Health

Our bodies are miraculous and given proper nutrition, they can maintain and repair themselves and even reverse undesirable physical conditions.

1) Eat when you're hungry and to sustain life. And sometimes - don't eat for an extended period of time. This gives the body time to rest and eliminate unwanted elements from the body.

2) Eat simple food without too many ingredients, especially artificial colors,      flavors and preservatives.

3) Follow a 'Plant Based' diet. Many severe illnesses can be reversed by simply following a plant based diet. For more information watch this video.

4) Prepare your own food and try to keep it fresh and raw. - You will have time.

Fresh Produce
Organic Tumeric

Turmeric & Cayenne Pepper

Good for what ails you - Turmeric is the world's no. 1 healing spice and many of its amazing health benefits have been scientifically proven. That is reason enough to consume it on a daily basis. A level teaspoon full in a little water in the morning should do, or find a recipe or mix that works for you. Turmeric milk, made with warm water, a little coconut milk and black pepper works well.


Cayenne pepper, very effectively, reduces cholesterol and and improves blood circulation. If you can handle the kick, take 1/2 - 1 level teaspoon full in a little water, or take the same quantities in capsule form. Start with small amounts to test it and eat something first to prevent it from burning your stomach.


Walk, run, Yoga, marshal arts or just the good old pumping iron - Move your body! Stretch, bend, twist - Just move your body into positions that you don't normally function in. By merely stretching and bending we actually stimulate the flow of vital energy through our bodies and this alone produces an increased sense of well-being and other benefits such as reduced fatigue and better sleep. Our bodies strengthen our bones and muscles according to the demand we place on them, so if you feel the need to increase your bone density, regularly lift something heavy. Get to the gym.

Heavy Weight Lifter
Relaxing in Nature


Stress is a major cause of disease and it can all be prevented if we only learn to relax. Conscious relaxation exercises are highly effective in helping us to release tension and making us aware of where potential tension may build up in our bodies. Lie down, breathe easily and consciously flex and relax (as you breathe out) every part of your body, form your toes to your eyebrows.

Should you have trouble relaxing, find a Reiki therapist near you or contact us for one of the most effective relaxation therapies available.

Speak Health

Do not talk about the things that are wrong with you. Talk about the things that are right and about the physical condition that you are growing toward.

It  takes exactly the same amount of effort, the only difference is, it makes

you feel so much better.

Mountaineous Landscape

Think Health

"We are shaped by our thoughts. We become what we think."



Unforgiveness can only result in unproductive outcomes and can even result in serious illness. Surrender any energy that doesn't serve you any longer.

You are free to be free. - Let it go.

Mountains Meet Lake
Flying Lanterns

Use Affirmations

"Life and death are in the power of the tongue,

and those who love it will eat its fruit."

Middle Eastern Proverb

Say the things that you would like to see manifest in your life. Not too many at once, but rather say one affirmation several times, two or three times a day. Make sure that your affirmations are affirmative and form the point where you want to be. "I am strong and fit and healthy. I take good care of my body. I eat well and exercise regularly."


Inside of us resides the vast power of the entire Universe, but we need to become still in order to sense our oneness with it. This is not difficult, it only takes a bit of practice. By looking inside ourselves we can understand all things and find unshakable peace.

Meditation Hand Gesture
Kids Playing on the Couch

If it's difficult - You're doing it wrong.

Life is supposed to be fun, so don't take everything (including yourself) too seriously and focus on the present moment. Great things can be accomplished in small increments and every epic journey starts with a single step. Regardless of where you find yourself now or where you want to go, just take it one step at a time and soon you will look back and realize that you've come a long way and that you are definitely not where you used to be. We do not strive toward perfection, we just want get a little bit better - all the time.

If you have any questions or if you would like some advice or guidance, feel free to contact us. We value every email and we will get back to you.

If you are suffering from a serious medical condition or physical discomfort, perhaps you should consider booking an Energy Healing session which can be done remotely and includes an online video consultation.

“The man who moves a mountain begins by

carrying away small stones.” 


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