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Mt. Fuji and pagoda as seen from Fujiyoshida, Japan during spring season with cherry bloss



Spiritual Healing




Translated from Japanese as “Spiritual Life Energy”, Reiki is a gentle yet powerful treatment that touches the recipient at multiple levels.

The purpose and function of Reiki is to restore Balance and Harmony; and to realign us with the original intention for our existence. 



This ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used with astounding results for more than 3,000 years and is still around today. 

Reflexology involves applying pressure to energy points in feet which creates a response throughout the body. It works with the central nervous system and improves all conditions, including pain, stress and one's general mood through stimulating the flow of vital energy through the body.

Even if you just want to destress or feel like a little pampering, consider a reflexology treatment with an advanced practitioner. 

Spiritual Healing 


Spiritual Healing takes place entirely within the consciousness of the practitioner where Spiritual Harmony is realised and then appears in the outer experience as improved conditions. The treatment itself is not a lengthy process, and healing can unfold instantaneously or within a few hours, days or weeks. However, until significant improvement has been made, the practitioner will not let the case go and continue to provide treatment as and when they are intuitively guided to do so. 


Reiki Training

We like to refer to Reiki as “The Light of Consciousness”, since it has the ability to raise and help develop one's consciousness. A developed consciousness becomes a healing consciousness, and as it naturally unfolds, one's entire experience is transformed. 
We teach those who are drawn to us and go where we are invited.

Spiritual Guidance 


For Spiritual seekers, seekers of Truth or those already on the Spiritual Path who need support or encouragement, or maybe just a little direction. 

We do not claim to have any knowledge, wisdom or answers in and of ourselves, but by Grace we have come to understand that the answer to any question is available, and we will gladly guide you to the place where you can find your own answers. This is ultimately our desire for you. The best Teacher is the Infinite Consciousness within you, which governs the universe, your life and your body. It is the Source of Revelation and the Answer to any question. 

About us


There is one Light, one Life and one Spirit. Whatever we are, whatever we have and whatever may unfold through our consciousness is merely a gift, and we can only be grateful for the honor of being a part of the process. 


Jason & Astrid Cooper

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